Clan Chief David Rose

Our current Clan Chief is David Hugh Heriot Baird Rose 26th of Kilravock. He was born in England in 1946, and spent much of his youth in Australia, where he had several
interesting and challenging jobs over the years, mostly involving aspects of the construction industry. Not long after moving to his ancestral land of Scotland, David
married Rosalind Macrae of Conchra, and settled at Nairnside Farm on the Kilravock Estate, which they turned into a Sheep Milk Dairy that produced award winning Ice
Cream and Cheese. They have four daughters; Genevieve, Katharen, Alice, and Christina.
Right from the start, Chief David has been involved, and lending his support to our new Clan Rose Association, Inc..


Susan Rose FSAScot is the owner of her Scottish Attire Company called . She is a Master Kiltmaker. She started this business in the early 90's. She has numerous Pipe Bands, Organizations and individuals, who patronize her store.

Susan is also an author with 2 published books on Clan Rose History. The first “The Roses Hold the Key” is a 1000 year timeline of the family deRos/Rose Father to Son/Daughter to present day. The next published book is “The Knights Templar Hiding in Plain Sight, The Life of Robert II Furfan de Ros” the foundation father of the Scottish Clan Rose of today.

Susan also is the Chairperson of 2 501c3 Charities for House of Gordon USA. “The Epic Project" which is a Charity based in the USA. Also “The Aboyne Mor Proisect" an International Charity. Both of these Charities are to benefit the World’s Top Youth Pipers and Drummers in having the Best Competition Kits.

Susan has 3 children and 1 grandchild.


Susan Rose FSAScot
President; Clan Rose Association, Inc

When she was a young child, Bonnie’s parents shared stories of their Scottish and Irish heritage.  Ancestry research led her to her connection to Clan Rose, Kilravock Castle, to Baron Hugh Rose, the 13th of Kilravock and to literally hundreds upon hundreds of distant Rose cousins.  Bonnie has visited Kilravock Castle and Scotland to study history and ancestry on three occasions. 


Professionally, Bonnie worked as a healthcare consultant with a focus on reimbursement and regulatory compliance in physician professional services.  She was an independent consultant for 20 years before joining the Healthcare Regulatory team of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in 1999 as a Senior Manager.  She has been a long-time member of several healthcare professional associations and served as Vice President, President-Elect, President and Speaker of the House of Delegates for the Georgia State Society of the American Association of Medical Assistants. She has also served on the Advisory Board for Chattahoochee Technical Institute in Marietta, Georgia and is a certified member of the American Academy of Professional Coders and the Health Care Compliance Association.


Bonnie is excited to serve as the Clan Rose Association, Inc. Secretary and will work to represent the Clan, share our history and grow our membership. 


Bonnie Salvatore


Craig Stevens
Treasurer and Sargent at Arms

Did 8 years with the U.S. Navy as a Law Enforcement/Intelligence Specialist. Spent 1 year in the Antarctic, 18 months in Viet Nam, 5 years at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Spent 6 years as Department of Defense Police, brought in as a Lieutenant and left as a Captain.

Spent 30 years as a Senior Deputy Medical Examiner for the County

Of Ventura.

Also, after leaving active military service, I transferred to the U.S. Coast Guard reserve as a Weapons Training Officer. After 6 years, I transferred back to the Navy. I completed 1 tour in Bosnia, 2 tours of Iraq and 3 tours of Afghanistan. I retired after 36+ years as a Chief Warrant Officer 4.

I was a Drum Major in High School, and continued my love of British Regimental Drum Majoring whenever I could.

I returned to Drum Majoring for Pipe and Drum Bands in 2013.

I am currently the Drum Major for the Gold Coast Pipe Band in Camarillo, CA and also for the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s in Santa Ana, CA.

Brian M. Rose is proudly serving as your Clan Rose Association, Inc Membership Chairman. As an Eagle Scout, and O.A. Brother, he started learning the value of leading by example, and serving others at a young age. He holds the honor of being a Knight of the Golden Owl, and serves as one of the Orders officers. Family and Heritage are very important to him; which is why he sees the value and importance of preserving our Clan Rose heritage for future generations.


Professionally, most of his work background centers around the visual arts, and he is best known for his works as a sculptor. He taught several artistic disciplines as well as art history at Randolph Community College, and also has taught Art (K-5) in the Randolph County Schools. Currently, he works as a metal fabricator and welder, as well as a manager of commercial property.

As your C.R.A., Inc Membership Chairman it is his goal to not only bring more of the good folks of our Clan together through this Organization, but also to make it a worth while experience for all members.

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Brian Rose
Membership Chairman