Kilravock Castle

Kilravock Castle (pronounced 'killrock') is the historic ancestral seat (ancestral home)
of Clan Rose. Hugh the 7th built the oldest part of the structure, the tower house (actual
five story castle part) around 1460, with the addition of an adjoining manor house and
wings built off of it by later generations in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Castle has seen many important visitors come through its

doors over the centuries. Mary Queen of
Scots, after a stay there wrote to Hugh the 10th as her “trusted friend”, and her son
James the VI of Scotland / James I of England, is said to have “treated the Baron like a


In a more turbulent time the castle saw visits from Jacobite leader Charles
Stewart “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, and shortly after, his cousin and
opposition Duke of Cummberland

representing King George.

Clan Rose is a very old Scottish Clan, but it has its more ancient origins in Normandy
France, much like many other noble Scottish Clans. Originally, the surname/ family
name was de Ros (de Roose in some text there are many other spellings of the name).

There were five knights who were brothers of this family who came over with William the Conqueror in 1066 that are recorded in the doomsday
book; one of these would be the ancestor of the Baron of Helmsley and
Werke, and through later generations the Rose Barons of Kilravock.


Heraldry Shield of Sir David Rose, 26th Baron of Kilravock

We descend from a union of Scottish Royalty, Isabel MacWilliam and one of the most powerful Knight
Templars in history, Robert II de Ros.

Our Clan origin really begins with
Robert II de Ros A.K.A “Fur fan” in the Templar Order.
Robert II de Ros was  the leader of the Barons War and a Magna Carta Surety was
married Isabel the natural/bastard daughter of William “the Lion” King of Scotland.

King William's Flag with the great red lion on a field of gold still remains a well recognized symbol of
Scotland. The gold behind the the lion on the Flag signifies royalty.

The Baron of Kilravock's (Chief of Clan Rose) own heraldry contains a shield with Trois Bouts de L'eau is placed on a field of gold, which signifies royal blood.

Clan Rose is the oldest unbroken Barony in Scotland established in 1296, the
Chieftainship has passed through an unbroken line to the present day.
Hugh I (Hugo) de Ros of Geddis (the ancient land given as dowry of Isabel of Scotland)
married Marie de Bessett of Kilravock. The Kilravock property was combined with the Templar land which was gifted to the Templars from King Malcom to Hugh de Payen (Robert II de Ros's Great Uncle).
This became the Clan Seat from that time to the present.